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10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Mandy

    Hi, I purchased breast actives and I am almost done with my second bottle, but between bottles I got a horrible 2-week illness and I stopped taking them during that time. I have been at it for about 3 weeks now since I started back up. BUT not very convincing so far. My boobs are mostly loose skin since I had 2 kids/breastfed and lost 30 lbs. A very awkward B cup, but if the extra skin wasn’t there they’d be an A cup/ Anyway, I can’t see any changes at all. I feel my breasts on a regular basis to see if they feel any bigger, and they don’t. And there has been no tenderness or soreness whatsoever! At this point I’m desperate for at least some soreness! I bought them on Amazon, but they were new sealed and they aren’t even expired so there shouldn’t be a problem. Could the 2-week gap have mess things up? And what is the MAXIMUM length of time someone has started to notice results? That way I can stay positive for at least that amount of time! Thank you so much!

    1. Michelle Rodrigues Post author

      Please take a look at the home page of this website. You will see that actual breast development generally starts after 2 months on Breast Actives – that is going into the 3rd month. This is the most common experience, but will not necessarily apply to every individual. The 2 months could increase to 10 or 11 weeks before breast growth starts. In your case, since there was a 2 week gap in your therapy, you will need to count the period from the time you re-started – that is, ignore the usage prior to your 2 weeks illness. In case you need to buy more of this product, I suggest you do so from this website, to be absolutely certain you are getting the real thing.

    2. jana carlis

      where could i buy BA? and how much do it cost?

      1. Michelle Rodrigues Post author

        Hello Jana,
        Please go to and scroll down the page to the heading “What is the Price of Breast Actives”. There you will find full details of cost and discounts. Please click on the “Order Today” button and you will be taken to the secure Breast Actives ordering page. Then just follow the on screen instructions. After you submit the order, your package will be dispatched to your address immediately. The package is made with plain paper wrapping with no indication of what product is inside. Breast Actives is not sold in retail stores and can be purchased only through the internet.

  2. Michelle Rodrigues Post author

    Yes, you can continue. Once you become pregnant, you should get a clearance from your doctor.

  3. Wadah

    I bought BA for 2 months only. The reason to this is because Im planning to get pregnant… Should I continue after 2 month?

  4. Elizabeth West

    I’m 18, a tiny B-cup and I’ve been teased my whole life about it. I’ve been using Breast Actives for over 3 months now, I just started month 4, unfortunately I’m not seeing any results and it makes me want to cry. I was hoping to go from a B to C, but at this point I’d be happy with just a full B, small C if I’m lucky I’ve purchased the 6 month supply and I will continue to take the pill and cream, but I want to know if there is anything else I can do? Or am I just getting my hopes up for nothing? What are the chances of them suddenly growing in the next 3 months? Please help/respond.

    1. michelle Post author

      Elizabeth, I’m sorry to learn that you are not yet seeing any result from Breast Actives. It is a fact that some women react slower to Breast Actives than others, so don’t give up – there’s hope yet. Meanwhile, let us know from which website you purchased Breast Actives and when. Also, make sure that you are following the instructions in taking the pills and applying the cream. Also, be sure not to consume a lot of caffeine (keep tea/coffee to one cup per day max) and avoid carbonated drinks like coke, pepsi, sprite, mirinda, etc.

      1. Elizabeth West

        I purchased my BA from the official website at the end of August 2013 and started the program on September 2. I take two pills in the morning before my first meal religiously and I always try to take them around the same time each day. As for the cream I apply after my first shower in the morning and after my last shower at night each day. I’ve upped the massages that came in the little booklet to four times a day. I also cut out all caffeine, unfortunately I was not aware that carbonated drinks could effect the growth so I’ve been drinking caffeine free coke. That leads me to asks if gatorade and lemonade are safe? I know that they aren’t carbonated, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Like I said in my last post I am going to continue with the program, but is there any thing else I can do to help my breasts grow? Should I be taking additional phytoestrogens or just wait it out? Any suggestions?

        1. michelle Post author

          I suggest you take one pill in the morning and one at night, approx 12 hours later. As for drinks, any non-carbonated (non-fizzy) and caffeine-free drinks are perfectly fine. I don’t think you should take extra phytoestrogens or anything else. I do hope you will see results before long. Best wishes.


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